Local ditz finds car keys and is, like, relieved

WILMINGTON, DE–After an exhaustive 23-minute search on Thursday morning, 25-year-old ditz, Brandy Carr, breathed a sigh of relief after locating her car keys.


“I was totally OMM [Out of My Mind] there for a second; I totally blanked on where I, like, put my keys. I looked, like, all over the place; I looked under the couch, in the couch, and, uh, you know, all over the place. I literally almost, like, freaked out,” Carr said, happily twirling her Grey’s Anatomy keychain on her finger.


Carr admitted that the crisis might have been averted if she’d had her key locator. “My boyfriend gave me this really cool little key finder thingie for my birthday but I totally lost it. I wish I had a finder thingie for my finder thingie,” she said, giggling.


After fretting over the possible location of her keys and how the situation would be different had she had her key locator, Carr had a stunning revelation. “So I’m completely freaking out and totally, like, not finding my keys anywhere, right? So I walk toward the front door, you know, thinking that maybe I, like, left my keys in my car? I get to the door and open it, and I hear this, like, jingly sound in my jacket pocket? I check my pocket and, like, my keys were there, like, the whole time,” she said, giggling. “Like, how crazy is that?”


Crazy indeed.

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